9 prints of Famous Paintings from 1937 National Commitee For Art Appreciation

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Item location:Pasadena, MD, United States
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Dealer or ResellerMedium (Up to 30")
Limited Edition1900-1949
These 9 reproductions of famous paintings appear to have been from a larger "Collection of 48 Famous Paintings" which were issued around 1937 by the National Committee For Art Appreciation.

Each painting is on paper and approximately 10" x 14". They are still in very good condition with on only some minor edge/corner wear on a few. There is also a slightly tattered envelope that originally contained 4 of the 48 in the series. However, only 2 of the 4 are contained in this lot. They are "Autumn" and Wheelwright's Yard..."

The 9 painting include:
"Autumn" by Millet
"Wheelwright's Yard at The Side Of The Seine" by Corot
"The Grand Canal, Venice" by Turner
"The Seine Near Argenteuil" by Monet
"Flood Detail" by Jon Corbino
"Arbor Day" by Grant Wood
"View Of Trent" by Albrecht Durer
"Seacoast" by Bonington
"Line Storm" by John Steuart Curry

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